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Our Detoxification Treatment

Overcoming addiction is not easy. It’s difficult enough for people to take that first step in ‘getting clean’. What’s worse is that many people that get clean end up relapsing at some point.

Studies show that 75% of alcoholics relapse within one year of completing treatment while 80-95% of nicotine and heroin users go back to their old ways in the same period of time. 

There are several points in treatment where relapse is common. Although many go back to using after completing rehab, some don’t make it through the detox phase. But with the right care, it is possible to achieve a successful detox and move on to therapy. 

This article will discuss medical detox Los Angeles so you can understand what the process is all about. 

treatment services

What is Detox?

Detoxification is defined as the removal of toxic substances from the body. It is mainly carried out by the liver. 

The liver works kind of like a filtration system for the body. It converts toxins into waste cleaning your blood and metabolizing nutrients for optimal health. 

However, the liver can’t truly detoxify the body if more toxins are added in. In order to detoxify, you must stop providing the body with unhealthy substances so it can cleanse itself. 

It should also be noted that an excess of toxins overworks the liver causing damage and disease. This is why many people that drink alcohol have liver-related problems later in life. 

There are many things you can detoxify your body from. For instance, many people go on a juice cleanse to detoxify from junk food. 

Detox is about allowing the body to clean itself from illicit substances like drugs and alcohol. This is one of the most difficult phases of the recovery process, but it has to be done. 

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What to expect

Withdrawal Symptoms and Detox Timeline

The reason detox is so difficult to get through is, it produces withdrawal symptoms that can be unbearable for the patient. 

After taking drugs for a long period of time, the body gets used to having them in its system. When the drugs are no longer present, the person gets sick. They begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that are similar to severe flu symptoms. 

The withdrawal symptoms occur on a specific timeline. They tend to get worse before they get better. Here is an idea of what a patient may experience. 

6 Hours of Not Using the Drug:

  • Shaking
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Headache

12 to 48 Hours of Not Using the Drug

  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

48 to 72 Hours of Not Using the Drug

  • Confusion
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fever

Delirium Tremens may also occur during withdrawal. This is a withdrawal symptom specific to alcoholics. It includes hallucinations and delusions. 

The severity of the withdrawal symptoms you experience and the amount of time they last will vary according to how long you used the drug, what drug you used, and how much of it you took. After the initial 72 hours or so, symptoms will begin to decrease but they may not completely go away for a week or two. If you were a heavy user, they may last for weeks or longer. 

Drugs and alcohol cause medical imbalances in the brain that make addiction difficult to overcome and cause ongoing withdrawal symptoms that can go on for as long as a year. This condition is known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). 

The symptoms of PAWS are usually mood-related and rarely include aches, pains, nausea, headaches, and other physical symptoms. However, they still put the person at high risk for relapse. Ongoing care can help a patient get through this difficult time. 

Treatment Services

What To Expect When Entering a Medical Detox in Los Angeles

Detox is typically the first step of the rehab process. There are many detox centers in Los Angeles County. Here’s what you can expect when you check into a clinic. 

The medical staff will want to get their patients through detox as soon as possible. Although this process may seem scary for some people, specialists will do everything they can to make it as pleasant as possible. 

They provide a soothing space for the patient to detox in. This includes comfortable furnishings, low lighting, and soft music. 

They also administer medications that treat withdrawal symptoms. Clonidine, methadone, buprenorphine, and codeine phosphate are some that are used for Los Angeles opiate detox. They will make the patient feel better, so they are less likely to relapse. 

The staff will supervise patients the entire time to ensure they stay comfortable and to prevent them from going back to using. 

After the patient completes detox, they will move on to therapy. There are various therapies that can be used to treat addiction. 

Generally, they will aim to get to the underlying cause of addiction to treat it at its root. Therapists will then suggest healthy coping mechanisms that replace the urge to use.

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Our Detox Center in Los Angeles County

There are many options to consider when looking for a detox treatment center Los Angeles. Elevations takes an approach that sets us apart. 

We start with a detoxification process. During this time, we closely monitor patients for 5 to 10 days to ensure they do not relapse and to see to it that they remain comfortable. We provide a soothing atmosphere and administer medications as needed. 

Patients then check in to our inpatient detox treatment center Los Angeles. Every day involves setting a recovery goal, but beyond that, the schedule varies. Patients can enjoy chef-prepared meals, meditation, and daily activities. There are also plenty of field trips where they can be taken out to Los Angeles’s greatest attractions. 

Therapy takes place in our luxury boutique facility located in the upscale neighborhood of Calabasas. Our private center has just six beds offering the ultimate privacy. We provide all the amenities you would expect from a top-notch rehab center. Our patient-to-staff ratio is 2:1 ensuring you get the care you need when you need it. 

And while rehab can be an enjoyable experience, we are serious about helping our patients get better. We offer a dual diagnosis rehab simultaneously treating addiction and its underlying cause. 

Many patients turn to drugs as a way to self-medicate. Instead of reaching out for help with emotional disorders, they use drugs and alcohol to treat their symptoms. While this provides temporary relief, it ultimately leads them on a downward spiral.

Our dual diagnosis methods address addiction and its causes. Treating the problem at its root provides long-term success rates which is why Elevations is such an effective medical detox Los Angeles option. 

After treatment is completed, we don’t stop caring for our patients. We realize that once they graduate from our program, they will be back with the old crowd and facing stressors that may be more intense than ever. These circumstances increase the likelihood of relapse. 

The Elevations staff realizes what patients are going through once they get back into the ‘real world’. That’s why we continue to provide them with the support they need to make a healthy adjustment to sober living. 

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Companies

We can verify your insurance before you get started. We take many types of insurance, and even if you do not see yours listed, you may still be eligible for coverage.

Support Is On the way

We Accept Most Major Insurance Companies

We can verify your insurance before you get started. We take many types of insurance, and even if you do not see yours listed, you may still be eligible for coverage.

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Addiction is a terrible disease, and you shouldn’t have to fight it alone. Elevations will provide the assistance you need to get over your dependency issues and start enjoying life again. 

We will take you through a medically assisted detox process. We provide evidence-based therapy that treats addiction at its source. We follow up with the care you need to maintain sobriety long-term. 

Don’t spend another day struggling with addiction. 

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